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Real Estate Professionals

At Safety First, we strongly value the relationships we have built with the real estate community. We know that, as a real estate professional, you are committed to serving the best interests of your client. That is why you should want a company that provides a level of service that is second to none. Remember, there are many links in the real estate chain and one weak link can leave a lasting bad impression with your client. We promise that we will be one of your strongest links!

The home inspection process should be a pleasant and informative experience for all involved. We treat our clients with the respect they deserve. For many of us, buying a home may be the single highest purchase that we ever make. That is why it is critical that only professionally trained inspectors be hired to perform the inspection. With so many home inspection companies for buyers and sellers to choose from, how can you help your clients make the right decision? For starters, you can refer us, of course!

Here are just a few reasons why you can confidently refer your clients to Safety First:

  • Communication!
    During the inspection we will communicate all issues and recommendations in clear simple terms. We also get excited about the good points to. We want your/our clients to have a clear balanced picture of their home.
  • We carry Errors & Omissions insurance with Referring Party Coverage.
    This covers any real estate professional (agents, brokers, lending institutions, relocation company, etc.) who may hire or refer clients to us for the purpose of performing a home inspection.
  • There when you need us!
    Often, we get calls from real estate professionals that begin like this “We need an inspection within 48 hours! Can you please help?” We will do our absolute best to fulfil your special requests. However, if we are overbooked and cannot do it ourselves we are more than happy to find a qualified inspector for you. We would rather keep you happy, then keep you looking!
  • Be On Time!
    We value people’s time. We do not like to keep clients waiting and we always aim to arrive to the inspection early!
  • Professionally trained and certified.
    Proper training counts! Always use Certified or Registered Home inspectors.